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Here's the finalists for the 5 Man Charity Tournament.  The rest of the photos can be seen on the links to the left.  Since we had a professional photographer take the shots, we are selling the entire set of 145 on a CD for $31.80 (includes tax).  The CD will have all the pictures WITHOUT the watermark, and about twice the resolution.  IF you'd like a CD call the store at 770-345-1356.  If you want us to mail it, add $3.00 for S&H.


PA14541073212_UPI.jpg (290017 bytes)
1st Place - Debo



PA14541073206_UPI.jpg (276095 bytes)
2nd Place - Primetime



PA14541073203_UPI.jpg (255971 bytes)
3rd Place - Project Mayhem
PA14541073201_UPI.jpg (233817 bytes)
4th Place - Evil Lace

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